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300 Watt LTM Pepper with barndoor –$300

200 Watt LTM Pepper with barndoors –$250

100 Watt LTM Pepper with barndoors. Only used for demos never on set. -$200  

Used Mole Richardson 650 Tweenie- $400

Used Mole Richardson 2k Junior 412 – $250

This New Foam Dome is a 1hp foam machine with a 25′ (8m) electric cord and GFCI switched plug, high pressure pump, extra large modulator, 25′ (8m) connecting tubing, safety cable, safety goggles, and safety banner. All that’s needed is a barrel for adding the fluid to 50 gallons (189l) of warm water. Uses less fluid per CFM of foam fluid than the original Foam Dome. Fill a 20′ x

Used 6K SINGLE CHANNEL DIMMER Freshly serviced at GFS Lighting in North Hollywood Local and Remote Bates output, 6kw 60 amp Bates, 120v input 1 unit available- $1000

Used 12K SINGLE CHANNEL DIMMER Freshly serviced at GFS Lighting in North Hollywood Local and Remote Bates output, 12kw 100 amp Bates, 120v input 2 units available – $1250

500 Watt Arri Obie Eye Light. Complete with soft, hard and daylight inserts and egg crate. $411

100 Amp Pass Thru Lunch Box $150.

Mole Richardson 100A Bates to Edison, 120V, Rubber Box 5001707  $199.

100 Amp Bates to 5-Edison plugs, 120V, Black Rubber Box $78.

  Mole Richardson Baby Baby 7 units available including glob for $157.

MovinCool CLASSIC Used condition cools great $1042.

Like new. Never used on a production only demo $757.

Truly amazing light with 60° soft egg crate $4537.00

This Kino Flo hold ten four foot kino tubes and comes complete with the blacken aluminum egg crate $2023.

The Mac Tech 6 Space Light Package comes with the following: 1 Head: List Price $2145.00 6 SPH 115V Long Life Bulbs: List Price $129.00 6 Narrow Spot Lens: List Price $123.00 1 Silk Skirt List Price: $198.00 1 Silk Target List Price: $116.00 1 Rag Bag: List Price $215.00 One Soccopex connector. Total Price for everything $1526

I have two units in great shape available with vertical yokes for $1597 per unit.

Two units available in great condition. Unit full description http://mole.com/media/images/catalogs/pdfs/data/5571.pdf $1077.

Two units available in great condition. Full unit description http://mole.com/media/images/catalogs/pdfs/data/5541.pdf  $771

Unit includes bar doors, scrims and glob for $208.

Two unit available in good condition each  includes bar doors, scrims and globs $277.

Complete kit  with globes $1023.

Complete kit with globes $800.

6K Space Lights with and without silks $150-255

These are standard definition (not HD) video monitor glasses used to frame your shot when looking in the eye piece or camera display is not possible. Best used when a large monitor is inconvenient or not possible. These were used about 4 times while operating my camera crane outside of the country. They do not impede on your line of site and allows you to hold the proper frame while

HHB Portadat PDR 1000TC Professional DAT Recorder W/Timecode HHB Portadat PDR 1000 TC: Download user manual here: http://www.murraytregonning.com.au/infopages/pdfs/hhb_pdr1000.pdf   HHB Portadat PDR 1000 TC is professional DAT recorder, very light and compact. It was released after the Sony TCD-D10, but it offers several advantages over that one: confidence monitoring, Phantom power, a low-cut filter per input, active limiters for both line and mike inputs and a monitor switch with MS

This dolly is not only wonderful useful piece of filming history, it is a totally functional crab dolly that can fit in the trunk of any SUV. Many of the dollies still in existence have been used by big name directors and movie stars. These dollies were hand built from 1967 through around 1975.  Only a total of 250 of these dollies were ever made.  The chassis is made from

DOT & FINGER SCRIM & SILK SET As pictured. Light controls for fine tuning videography and photography. Good condition.  Comparable kits: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/33425-REG/Matthews_999003_Dot_Finger_Survival.html http://www.videotexsystems.com/product.php?productid=26264 Getting out of the business and selling all my spare backup gear. Feel free to call me with any questions at all. 323-358-3617. $350

The ARRI Fresnel series is ideal for use where compact, light weight tungsten Fresnel spotlights are required. ARRI Fresnels are the perfect solution in small studios where grid height is a problem. The classic ARRI construction of corrosion resistant extruded and die cast aluminium maximises body strength while maintaining the light weight of an ideal location fixture. Despite the small size, short focal length lenses with wider angles give more

Near perfect condition professional 2,000 watt studio or location light with a 10″ Fresnel lens. This is the highest watt halogen light that can be plugged in to standard household 120v outlets. This unit can also take 220v globes. (Just need an inexpensive adaptor for the different wall plug.) Excellent and smooth focusing range of the light beam.  Comes with a c-clamp but can also be mounted on light stands

Mole-Richardson 1000 Watt Molequartz One-Light Groundrow 3371 I have 4 of these units and they are next to new… Mole-Richardson 1000 Watt Molequartz One-Light Groundrow 3371 Manufacturer: Mole-Richardson Basic description and contents of package Product classification: Lighting & Studio – Continuous Lighting – Stage & Studio Retail Price: 685 USD This is the 1000 Watt Molequartz One-Light Groundrow. The fixture, used in multiple units, is aptly named since it hugs

HoloSet (Blue) with Chromatte fabric Pack Includes: 10.8 feet x 8.8 feet Chromatte screen Large blue ring Power supply Control module HoloSet is a revolutionary approach to chroma keying developed in collaboration with researchers at the BBC. The HoloRing optical emitter was placed on a camera lens. HoloSet’s specially tuns retro-reflective background material would appear gray to the naked eye but a camera fitted with the HoloRing would see vibrant blue

Silverbeam PSL-14/2K is a versatile searchlight system designed for use in architectural, television/motion picture production, advertising and special event lighting applications. The Silverbeam series are also being used as solar simulators for solar energy product design. A powerful 2,000 watt xenon lamp combined with a specially designed rhodium plated, electroformed reflector delivers 13,750 footcandles at 100 feet. The 2,000 watt xenon lamp has a rated life of 2,000 hours and

Heavy duty Bayside Controls Inc Precision Gearhead. Very solid construction and in great shape. Pacific Scientific Stepper Motor model E43HLFB-LSS-NS-02 This motor and Precision Gearhead / gearbox has sitting in storage along with a ton of other motion control motors and parts for several years. Getting out of the business and selling all my spare backup parts. Feel free to call me with any questions at all. 202-438-9199.  $373

Very heavy duty construction and in great shape. This motor and turntable gearbox (looks like a Bayside Controls Inc gearbox) has sitting in storage along with a ton of other motion control motors and parts for several years. Getting out of the business and selling all my spare backup parts. Feel free to call me with any questions at all. 202-438-9199. $1263  

Canon XL1 Camcorder • Canon Video Lens Fluorite 20x Zoom XL 5.4-108mm Optical Image Stabilizer for XL1 or XL2 • Canon XL Wide Angle Zoom 3x Lens for XL1 or XL2 • Canon MA-200 Dual XLR Microphone Adapter • Awesome customized wheeled hard case  • And more extras (checkout photos) • A very well taken care of camera package…   Getting out of the business and selling all my spare backup

We have all different shape and sizes mostly 4×8 flats and some flats with doors, windows and even jail bars. While some companies will rent you a flat for $100 a week, we will sell you a flat for as low as $50-75!!! We also have tons of cool set furniture and props for sale.  


Jul 2016



Jul 2016

1986 Chris Craft

Chris Craft Yacht Home Flying Bridge motor yacht. The deep V hull design was originally built by Uniflite. Then later Chris Craft obtained the molds and produced the “Yacht Home. This is a 45 foot – 14 foot beam, Fly Bridge Motor Yacht that has all the spaciousness of a house boat, and all the sea seaworthiness and keeping ability of a cruiser. A unique design that combines all the

Extra large circular high-end talk show style couch for sale. Couch is in perfect condition rarely used in a production talk show. This purchase will include custom cover to keep it clean.   $2547

Good shape no glob or plug but guaranteed to work globs and 60 amp bate plugs are available for additional fee.  $142

The MICRODOLLY POWER HEAD is truly unique. This Remote Camera Head can be controlled either manually by cable drive or motorized with an optional digital joystick accessory kit. (not included in this sale) The ability to very quickly switch between manual and motorized operating modes brings a whole new dimension to camera remote control. In the manual mode, no electricity is required. The POWER HEAD utilizes super-smooth hi-tech cables to drive a fully adjustable

Own a piece of history! This the actual camera was used to shoot the super 8mm footage on the legendary documentary “Cocaine  Cowboys”  $547 http://www.rakontur.com/cocaine-cowboys Specifications: Nizo 6080 – Mint condition Weight: 1900 g Lens: Schneider macro-Variogon 1,4 / 7 – 80 mm Macro focusing Split Image Focusing Auto / Manual Zoom with 2 speeds Frame rates: 9,16 2/3,18,24,25,54 + single frame Shutter degree: 200° Manual / Auto Exposure Backlight Control

Mole-Richardson 2K Super-Softlite with Eggcart. $191 per unit.

Lowel DP light in great shape. $100.00 per unit

200 watt movie light 4 available. $97 per unit.

Brand new Arri 200 Par system available. $1507 •Par head •Fresnel mag ballast (old style chassis) •(2) Feeders •Doors •Lens set •Carrying case  

Also includes: Century Optics 1.6x Teleconverter bayonet mount lens  Century Optics MK2 .6x Wide Angle Lens bayonet mount Pelican case is approximately 20″ wide 12″ tall 26” long 3 levels of foam Accessories alone are worth $500 new and are in great shape.   We assume that if you are reading this listing you know the features of this DVX-100B camera, but just in case you need a refresher I

ASC Legend Ron Dexter’s ultimate hi-hat creation. This is a very rare and extremely useful hi-hat that works amazing on rough terrain, hillsides, as well as with smooth and even surfaces. It also has the ability to go from what is considered a hi-hat to a low-hat within seconds. The Dexters hi-hat is constructed out of industrial grade aluminum and is remarkably durable yet still light handle with one hand. $622

• Size: 26 x 17 x 72″ Tall • Condition: used with a few minor scratches • Material: Resin • Reproduction • Item Weight : Approx. 50 lbs. This life size replica of the Norma Jean statue has a retro feel along with tons of fine details. This item was hand crafted and hand painted using the finest quality materials. This head turning masterpiece will bring character to any home,

B&M 2k Nook light available. $371 Unit includes the following: •Doors •Accessory holder •Safety screen •Globe

(4) Mole 200 Watt Midget Fresnel units available at $200 each.

 PARKER COMPUMOTOR BRUSHLESS MOTOR MODEL: Z/ZX 640 Z640-240V-25 STALL CONT.: (RMS AMPS): 15.0 STALL PEAK (RMS AMPS): 45 RES L/L @ 25°C: 0,838 MAX. SPEED (RPM): 1600 TC (NM) @ 40° C AMB.: 30.9 TP  (NM) @ 40° C AMB.: 88.0 VOLTS (RMS L/L) 230 IP: 65 MAX. CONT. PWR. (KW): 4.7       (HP): 6.3 CLASS (C°): 155 KB(V/KRPM): 132 INERTIA (G.CM2): 20340 3/4″ APPROXIMATE SHAFT DIA. This

2X3 Matthews Vertical Gel/Diffusion Frame with Yoke. Great for colored gels, all types of diffusion and reflective materials. $50 each $35 each if you buy 10 or more

6X6 Swing away 3 Stage Arri Mattbox complete with case, French flag and siders with 15 inch rod holes.  $1671

12K HMI Fresnel -Cinemills Silver bullet Two 12K Fresnel lights for sale in perfect condition. $1771 per unit.

Cinemills 2500 HMI PAR Silver Bullet Head Only – great shape can test with a ballast that we have here. $500 without globe $600 with globe.

Brand new expandable portable skate conveyor for sale. Conveyor is in perfect condition almost never used. $1492    

Mole Richardson Hand Held Fogger with low mode hand held basket unit is not working $391 sells on B&H.com for over $1500 without the kit and case