HHB Portadat PDR 1000TC Professional DAT Recorder W/Timecode

HHB Portadat PDR 1000 TC:

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HHB Portadat PDR 1000 TC is professional DAT recorder, very light and compact. It was released after the Sony TCD-D10, but it offers several advantages over that one: confidence monitoring, Phantom power, a low-cut filter per input, active limiters for both line and mike inputs and a monitor switch with MS matrix.


It’s real advantage is its great simplicity of use. The quite complete time code pad (video/word sync inputs and outputs) is fully separate from the audio pad and has its own readout.


Every function has a clearly marked dedicated control, there is no need to enter into a menu to set up the device. The PDR 1000 TC provides SPDIF or AES/EBU inputs and outputs, each with its own connector.


This is an exceptional timecode DAT from HHB Communications. It’s the PORTADAT PDR-1000TC ($6995 list), a portable DAT recorder designed to perfectly match the requirements of experienced audio pros out in the field, whether they’re working on a documentary for the Discovery Channel or on a major Hollywood movie. The unit was designed with the input and feedback of many professional sound engineers, so you know the HHB folks built this thing right.


This recorder is a very good, light and compact machine, quite satisfactory when integrated in a sound cart.


Getting out of the business and selling all my spare backup gear.
Feel free to call me with any questions at all. (323) 358-3617.  $353

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