Mac Tech 720LS LED SLED
Mac-Tech-720LS-LED-Light MacTech-720-LS-LED-SLED

B&M Lighting launches the new line of energy efficient production lighting, Mac Tech LED Lighting, available exclusively through Universal Studios Set Lighting. (PRNewsFoto/Universal Studios, B&M Lighting)720-used-at-universal-studios-4mac-tech-720-used-at-universal-studios

This 4-foot by 4-foot 18 globe unit provides a massive soft source and can be turned in to its own book light that takes up less than half the depth of a C-stand

The MacTech LED fixtures built upon the industry-standard Kino Flo style tubes and created LED fixtures with improved projection and increased the spread. Available in 5600K & 3200K low wattage, high output 50,000-hour tubes have a high CRI 93 index and produce virtually no radiant heat.

Designed by professionals for professionals, MacTech 720 LED Sled is the budget and environmentally friendly production lighting choice.

Like new condition.

• 18 daylight tube unit
• Height: 57 in
• Width : 57 in
• AC Voltage: 110 Volts
• Product Weight: 65 lbs
• Active Power: 720 Watt
• Current Draw: 6.80 Amps

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