Most Studio Owners Forget What The Word Budget Means!

For one flat rate, here’s what you get:

-(NO OVERTIME FEES!!!) 16 hour shoot day
-Free internet access (great for uploading large movie files)
-Free on site studio manager (would you pay a parking lot attendant his hourly wage?)
-Coolest studio owner in Los Angeles (Hands Down)
-All open space (no columns to get in the way)
-Green Screen Cyc
-White Cyc
-Black Void
-Parking (no extra charge!) (try finding that anywhere in Los Angeles)
-huge roll up door (to bring in cars trucks or large props)
-over head grid
-Smooth concrete floor (for when there is no time for track)
-green room (great for separating talent from the set)
-Craft service Kitchen (my favorite part of a studio)
-Private Office (for the production team)
-Wardrobe/dressing room (great for privacy from the rest of the studio)