Best Grip and Lighting Rentals in Los Angeles

Below is the current list of grip and lighting that is available. We often have more gear at the stage, but this list of equipment is included in the day rate unless switched out for something bigger or better. – i.e., If a 4ft x 4 bank Kino were ever to go down, we would add an image 80 (4ft x 8 bank Kino).

Green screen/white cyc is already pre-lit with 3 LED space lights.
4 – Dracast LED panels
1- Image-80 8 bank Kino
1 – 2ft 2 bank Kinos
2- 4ft 2 bank Kinos
3- 3k space lights (Pre-hung and powered)
4- Mole 1k babies
4- 650’s
4- 1k Leko’s
2- Mole open face 1 k’s
3- Mole Studio 2k’s

Grip Cart With:
1- 6×6 frame with silk
2- 20×20 black duvetyne
1- 12×12 frame
3- 4×4 gel frames
10- C stands
1- Four-wheel-steer doorway dolly with straight & round track
1- Set of skateboard wheels
3- Ladders

Additional gear:
Junior offsets
Baby offsets
C-clamps with 5/8 spuds
Furniture clamps
Junior nailing plates
Baby nail on plates
Duckbill platypus bead board holders
Tape on bead board holders
Junior lollipops
Baby pipe clamps
Junior pipe clamps
#1 Spring Clamps
# 2 Spring Clamps
# 3 Spring Clamps
Junior to 5/8 spuds adaptors
Chain vice grips
Large assortment of: 18 x 24 and 24 x 36 flags
Several families of apple boxes
Low combo Junior stands
Junior stands
Rolling combo stands

Just in case, the following Hi-Output LED units are also available at about half of typical LED rental rates.

Four units – MacTech LED Artist 400 Thin, flat dimmable panel (Bi-Color)
One unit – MacTech LED Artist 300 Daylight Thin, flat dimmable panel (5500K)
One unit – MacTech LED Artist 200 Daylight Thin, flat dimmable panel (5500K)
Four units – MacTech LED 4 x 8 Slim Line 8 x 4ft tubes (5500K)
Eight units – MacTech LED 2 x 8 Slim Line 8 x 2ft tubes (5500K)
One unit – MacTech LED 360 LS Daylight or Tungsten 9 bank x 4Ft tubes (5500K)
Two units – MacTech LED 720LS 18 bank x 4ft tubes (5500K)
Ten units – MacTech LED Notebook Soft Light 6 x 12-watt 1′ tubes (5500K) or (3200K)

We are now renting the following cameras:
2 – Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Cameras
with two Lumix G X Vario f3.6-5.6 – 12-60MM zoom lenses – (2) 7 inch HDMI monitors
1 – Blackmagic 6K PL Mount
with Zeiss f1.3 super speed primes 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm
1 – Canon R5 8k
with a Canon f2.0 – 28-70mm zoom lens and a Canon f1.2 – 85mm DS prime lens. We also have a PL mount adaptor for the Zeiss f1.3 super speed primes



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