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Studio FAQs

Here are a few of the more popular asked questions, however, we strongly encourage calling us 24/7.  

What is the exact address of the new Atomic Studios?
11927 Sherman Rd, North Hollywood, CA 91605
Can we get an inventory list of gear included with the stage rental?

We have well over 20 tons of gear including motion control sliders, remote head jibs, Stedicams, and hydraulic dollies for all types of shooting scenarios. Being that we buy and sell film gear our inventory is constantly changing, however, we always have at least a 3-ton (usually a lot more) package of gear available for your production at no additional cost.

3- LED Space lights (Pre-hung and powered)
2- MacTech LED 4 x 8 Slim Line 
8 x 4ft tubes 
4- Dracast LED panels
2- Image-80 8 bank Kino
2- 4ft 4 bank Kinos
2- 2ft 4 bank Kinos
3- Mole 1k babies
2- 650 watt Mole Tweenies
4- 1k Leko’s
2- Mole open face 1 k’s
3- Mole Studio 2k’s

Grip carts with:
4×4 gel frames
Black Floppy Solids
Large assortment of: 18 x 24 and 24 x 36 flags
C stands
Sandbags 15 lbs. – 35 lbs.
Apple Boxes
Additional gear:
Four-wheel-steer doorway dolly with straight & round track
2- Sets of skateboard wheels
6×6 frame with silk
8×8 frame with silk and black solid
12×12 frame with silk and black solid
2- 20×20 black duvetynes
Junior offsets
Baby offsets
C-clamps with 5/8 spuds
Furniture clamps
Junior nailing plates
Baby nail on plates
Duckbill platypus beadboard holders
Tape on beadboard holders
Junior lollipops
Baby pipe clamps
Junior pipe clamps
#1 Spring Clamps
# 2 Spring Clamps
# 3 Spring Clamps
Junior to 5/8 spuds adaptors
Chain vice grips
Low combo Junior stands
Junior stands
Rolling combo stands
25ft and 50ft Stingers
4- 6ft – 12ft step Ladders
And much much more…
What is the ceiling height at the new stage?

15 Feet

Do you offer half day rates, load in rates or wrap out rates? If so, what is the fee?

We do not however if someone wanted to book the studio the day before or the same day, we could offer a 6-hour minimum for half price. These types of rate adjustments are only done with everyone’s understanding that a full-day rental would take priority over a discounted day.

Can I put a hold on the stage without a deposit?

Unfortunately, we cannot hold any days without a deposit. Take extreme care with any studio owner that allows imagery “holds” on their stage without a deposit. We have had countless last-second calls from producers thinking they had a hold on a local stage only to find out that a larger multi-day shoot had taken their shoot day on that soft held stage. I won’t bore you with contractual law but is absolutely nothing that will end up being done legally to a studio owner who breaks a verbal promise with no monetary exchange. You may hear otherwise, however, make sure you get the whole story. 

We make it super simple for you. We lock your date in our calander as soon as we recive your deposit. No one else can book our studio on your held day for any reason unless you ask us to release the hold.   

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