Best Video Editing Services in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is full of post-production professionals. How do you choose? We know it can be hard to compare different companies when you have many options. We are here to make your decision easy. We do high-quality work with audio and video post-production, advanced digital services, and color correction.   

Rent a Video Editing Bay for Yourself or With One of Our Talented Video Editors

Whether you are looking to rent one of our video editing bays for yourself or with one of our very experienced video editors, we are one of the most affordable post-production houses in Los Angeles. We offer high-quality editing suites and editing services at a fraction of the price charged by other freelancers and companies. Our rates start at only $35/hour for editing bays and $55/hour with our editor. Don’t let our prices fool you, we are not only affordable but our editors are lighting fast.

What Makes Our Post-Production Service Different from Other Post-Production Facilities in LA?

To say that there are a lot of post-production companies in Los Angeles would be an understatement. What makes us different? It’s quite simple: we saw a huge need for an affordable but high-quality service in LA! Despite the supply of post-production companies in LA, there is a major lack of quality. It is not easy to find a post-production company that is affordable, high-end, super dependable, and most importantly cares about your project. For the past twenty-two plus years, Atomic Studios has been and still is one of those companies. We promise to treat and care for your video project as if it was our own. (Most of the time far better than our own) We love helping small businesses and independent filmmakers with high-quality and affordable editing services.

Atomic Studio’s Video Editing Team

The Atomic Studios video editing team is made up of a talented group of passionate and creative filmmakers who are committed to the idea that referrals are everything. We know that every final cut we release is like a business card for more potential business from you our client and other filmmakers within your peer group. Our video editors in Los Angeles are extra professional, fast, talented, and hard-working and we make sure that they treat your project as if it were their own or better.



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