Best White Cyc Studio in Los Angeles

Our large white cyc studio is open to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. (even on short notice) You can easily shoot single actor monologs, interviews, choreographed dance sequences with multiple dancers along with cars and trucks.  We not only offer you a great white cyc studio but the pre-lighting and the technical support to go with it. All you need is the talent or product that you want to shoot and the camera of your choice. (We have the Blackmagic 6K and the Canon R5 8k cameras available just in case.) 

We help you pre-light the  white cyc stage and we also provide you with tons of daylight and tungsten balanced light fixtures and grip equipment to light your talent, vehicle or product. Our number one goal is to have you back in our studio for a second, third and fourth time.



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