This kit is like brand new and complete with its case, a set of globes egg creates, gel frames, and center mount backplates.

The BarFly® 200 kit is the next generation of thin BarFly lighting systems.  The soft cool beauty lights feature a
narrow profile of 4.5” in depth with onboard dimming ballasts and lamp switching. The BarFly® 200 kit includes remote dimming and universal input voltage (100VAC-240VAC).

The BarFly 200 equals the light output as a 500 Watt tungsten softlight drawing only 1 amp of power!  The BarFly fixtures include a built-in reflector and removable gel frame, honeycomb louver, and center mount.  The lightweight fixtures are ideal for difficult tight shots on location or in the studio.  The fixtures take 3200K and 5500K True Match® lamps that display a full range of high color rendering (CRI 95) soft light.

Features include:
• Narrow profile
• Onboard dimming
• Remote dimming
• Individual lamp switching • Flicker-free, dead quiet
• Universal Input 100VAC-240VAC
• Removable Center Mount
• Reflector, Louver, and Gel Frame
• True Match® daylight and tungsten balanced lamps

BarFly 200 Highlights

  • All-in-one compact design with built-in dimming ballast
  • Fixtures include Gel Frame and 90° Honeycomb Louver
  • Honeycomb Louvers also available in 60° and 45°
  • Individual lamp switching – no color shift
  • Remote dimming capability
  • Slim profile for shooting in tight spots
  • Removable Center Mount
  • Mounts to stand
  • Universal input from 100VAC-240VAC
  • High Output, Flicker-free, dead quiet
  • Low amperage draw at 1.2A for BarFly 200, 120VAC
  • BarFly fixture takes daylight and tungsten lamps
  • Full spectrum (CRI 95) lamps available in tungsten and daylight: 3200K and 5500K
  • ETL listed, CE approved