Steadicam Merlin For Sale. This unit has never been used on a production and is like brand new.

Tiffen Steadicam Merlin professional handheld camera stabilization system. Tiffen brings you the latest technological advances to the award-winning Steadicam Merlin.

Steadicam Merlin – Versatile…Adjustable…Precise…

The Steadicam Merlin stabilizer is your essential professional partner. Life doesn’t stand still. Now keep up with the action more easily than ever with the new ultra-light, ultra-compact stabilizer system.

The Merlin hand-held stabilizer is what you’ve been waiting for since the dawn of camcorders. It was designed by Garrett Brown, the Wizard himself, who revolutionized moviemaking with the original Steadicam stabilizing system. He then brought that same magic to videomaking in 1990 with the Steadicam JR hand-held stabilizer.

With practice, the Merlin stabilizer can move as smoothly as the big Steadicam rigs used in Hollywood.

The Merlin stabilizer lets you fly wherever the scene takes you—up and down steps, indoors and outside, through crowds—…

  • 1 Start Weight
  • 4 Middle Weights
  • 4 End Weights
  • Camera Mounting Screw
  • Locating Pin
  • Lens Support Platform
  • Setup and Operation Manual
  • Training DVD